L'Insatiable | The dream is not over !
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The dream is not over !

by Joe Murphy & Joe Robertson

Ses deux dômes géodésiques offraient un repère visible de loin dans le Sud de la Lande de Calais. Six mois durant, le Good Chance Theatre a incarné l’hospitalité créative. Infatigablement, à longueur de journées et de soirées, il a abrité des ateliers brassant les peuples, les arts (et quelques sports), les âges, les énergies, les talents. Une fabuleuse aventure accompagnée par des centaines d’artistes de bonne volonté qui a trouvé le 11 mars une fin provisoire. Les deux Joe – Robertson et Murphy –, ses directeurs artistiques, concluent l’aventure par ce communiqué : comment faire un théâtre des peuples quand les peuples sont expulsés ? On peut compter sur eux pour continuer à résister, ailleurs et autrement.


Statement from Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson, Artistic Directors of Good Chance Calais


Tonight, Good Chance?’


‘No problem.’


‘Inshallah UK.’


The phrases we’ve heard every day in camp were joined by a new addition in the last few weeks.


‘Jungle finished?’


When the court in Lille upheld the prefecture’s eviction plans – with the exception of particular ‘lieux de vie’, and with no mention of the hundreds of unaccompanied children living here – Good Chance promised to continue running a space of expression that was warm, safe and welcoming. As the clearance teams, supported by hundreds of armed CRS officers, have dismantled the society that has grown here, people from all over camp have continued to attend classes, workshops and activities. Some of the most beautiful things have been created over the last two weeks, as all around fires and bulldozers caused chaos. A theatre of hope finds its identity in the very worst circumstances.


‘Dome finished?’


Another new phrase, and until now we have answered ‘no’.


But today, we are sad to have to announce that we have begun the process of taking the theatre down. Yesterday morning, the demolition line jumped to the end of the road that the theatre sits on, and the communities around the theatre were moved and taken apart. By the afternoon, we were surrounded by the CRS. It was a great shock, especially for those whose houses could not be moved quickly enough.



Légende photos: sous le dôme du good chance theatre… ©Jean Larive